Running … Part 14 of ∞

Took me a few days to finish and post on Facebook and now just adding it here for the rest of the world.

“Prior to last year it had been 19 years since I ran.  I had basically retired from being athletic for a good part of that time too.

Back then I could run and was quite able; I just really hated it. A monotonous boring annoying task … Hate hate hate hate hate. Even 6 years ago when I started back working-out to get off of Cholesterol medication … I didn’t want to run because of that long standing hate.

I always felt like a fish running and somewhat still do but …

My decision to take up something I felt so strongly against was a simple one. I wanted to conquer my hate.  Thin line shit aside I wanted to love it.  So like a date on a calendar I started learning to run again last Mach.

A couple of weeks after my first race on May 1st I sprained my ankle and had to wait till July to start all over again.

It was in the early afternoon heat of July 2010 I realized I liked it way too much to be so bad at running.  It was those cool fall days of 2010 that made me realize I was addicted and that I was in love with running and getting better at it every day. I ended the year on a bit of a hip injury and a slow 10 mile New Year’s Eve run in a thunderstorm.  That said I went from unable to run 1 mile to running 10 well inside of a year.

It is a contact high (LOL) that has very few equals.

This year for me is about marking dates on calendars with goals and then running them over as if it was a regular Tuesday.  They are not all running goals.  I still have a 100 mile bike ride to do, a 13.1 mile swim I failed at last summer (long swim last summer 7.5 miles), and an Olympic Distance Triathlon (Chicago).  Everyone of which I consider easier by far than running a Marathon; my last goal of the year.

My Calendar was marked Marathon on October 9th.  The same day as the Chicago Marathon.  I missed registering for the Chicago Marathon because I had to wait to have the money.  The charity options are not a tenable situation for me financially.

Soon enough those who are not going to run for what ever reason and have a slot are going to start selling them on places like Craig’s List and such and upwards of 1000+ people will be forced to run under the name of someone else. I have this option, but I don’t want to be forever looking up someone else’s name to see my time and place.

My Calendar was not marked Chicago Marathon as it was the idea of running a marathon in-specific to the place but another date and goal on my calendar to run over.

These goals I look to achieve this year are all about my goal of 140.6 miles of Swim, Bike, & Run in 2012. Proving to myself I have the ability to train for these goals individually then I am ready for next year.

As much as I love running, running is very harsh on me, and I am not to be mistaken as a natural.  It exposes my flaws quickly and reminds me that I retired once a long time ago.  Waking up at 5 am to put ice packs on your hips. This is not glamorous. This is ugly, this is a fish running even as I get faster I am still just learning.  I am still meeting goals by brut force and sheer will.

Maniacal I am, I know when to back off and when I can push it and their is always a couple of good kicks left in me at the finish.

I wrote the other day on 42Mac (Twitter): “Flexibility means taking a rest day when the body screams at you “Hey, take a break old man”. I flipped him off & had fries for lunch. ((:” “

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Running … Part 12 of ∞

So a couple of weeks ago I finally firmed up my goals for 2011. First there is the unfinished business of my half marathon swim from this past summer (swim 13.1). Next I want to go for a century bike ride (ride 100). Followed by random time distance goals for the year 24 min 5K, a  42 min 10K, and  swim 2.4 miles sub 1 hour.  After which two triathlons one sprint and one Olympic distance (Naperville and Chicago). To finish out 2011 I want to complete the Chicago Marathon (run 26.2).

So, if all this is going well, then in 2012 I am hoping to do a full Ironman which I would have to start planning in 2011 so I guess that is another goal for next year.

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Running … Part 11 of ∞

It has been some time since I scribbled here.  Last I did it was late August and I was having a rough day; haven’t had one like it since.

I am making strides … my progress is good and in my opinion ahead of schedule.  I consider now moving my running to early mornings before work.  I do love to run @ work on my break, but I don’t get the opportunity to take a two hour break all that often, and 5K runs are becoming insufficient for training.

Winter is coming and this last week I was forced one day to run on a treadmill.  I didn’t like the experience very much and I dread those days this winter when I will be forced to run on one or not run at all.

I am back in the pool swimming again.  Working on form and breathing.  No breast stroke, only Free-Style.

I know I never talk about riding (Fish Running) so I thought I would for just a little bit.  I don’t get enough time to ride out on the roads right now and riding has always been my anchor.  I do warm-up rides on my fan rider and on the machines @ work almost daily but it just really isn’t the same.  I did find an enclosed 2.5 mile loop course I want to go explore. I could ride there from here. ((:

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Running … Part 10 of ∞

Sometimes you find yourself in the perfect storm.  For me this morning is the trifecta of pain.  As an optimist I am always putting out that positive front for myself and share it with others; it is infectious.  So I do not often talk about the lows.  I am like everyone else.  I do not get to escape those moments.

The storm was brewing all week.  My SI joints playing goofy and annoying me to no end.  Yet, I ran well, very well considering. Yesterday brought no relief and this morning the storm is going strong.

My “Trifecta of Pain” is three separate back issues.  one that has not flared in a couple of years.  First my SI Joint is in rare form making walking and standing and sitting and moving no fun.  This injury has been around for two years now and it just might be time the Doctor gets some good film on it.  Talk is not cheap and they need to take this more seriously than they have.

Next is the two bulging discs in my neck.  It was June 2006 when I woke up one morning to this injury.  They remind me that I need good posture and remind me that I must swim more as swimming is the great neutralizer for my neck pain.  To me this isn’t a worry because I know how to manage it.

So to complete my “Trifecta of Pain” is the spot just above the center of my spin.  The one Doctors refused to acknowledge after a car accident in 1997.  One that hasn’t flared in 3 years.  Yes, it took all of those 10 years to recover from that accident.

So today I rest a lot flat on my back, hot baths, and Yoga.  Pain can be most humbling.  It won’t be game ending.  It is that reminder of where I came from, how hard I have worked, and all I have achieved.  Pain reminds me that I can’t change the world overnight, it takes time and little nibbles go a long way.

New Years Eve 1999 @ Montparnasse

New Years Eve 1999 @ Montparnasse

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Fish Running … Part 1 – 8 of ∞

Part 1 -8 0f ∞ from my facebook notes…((:

Running … Part 1 of ∞

on Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 7:02am

Running (long distance running) is an activity that will highlight and exaggerate the slightest of weaknesses and or imbalances sometimes in very painful ways. It can make you question your sanity. It can kill motivation in a flash. So why do people run? I have no idea why other people run.

I do know why I pursue this ability. I say it this way, because I do not consider myself a runner. One day I aspire to be a mediocre runner but a runner no less.

I wasn’t built for running long distance; it isn’t in my genes. So learning to be one is a process I plan and execute in maniacal detail. At times a painful process. It takes a plan that is flexible, but even the best laid plans are nothing without execution. Like a recipe in the hands of two people, the difference is execution. I have people working with me on my Bio-mechanics, I study anatomy and physiology (never have taken the class), I currently spend more time preparing to run than the actual do running.

To me running parallels life in ways. The hills, the flats, and the challenges. The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything … I see running as my “Deep Thought” of finding this answer and for learning what that question is.

What I have found so far in running is that it takes a lot of mental focus and this means I have no time to think of anything else and that leads to decreasing stress.

OK, more to come later … (:

Running … Part 2 of ∞

on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7:12am

So right now I am on chlorine detox; yes that means no swimming in chlorinated pools right now. I hate it and Lake Michigan is just a little too cold at this time of year.

I have been studying the issues surrounding chlorine absorption through the skin and it isn’t good on many levels and with as much as I like to swim my exposure is way to high. My goal is running so the swimming will wait for warm fresh water.

May 1st is the date of the 5K and I have several goals. First is too beat my 34:58 from last year. This is easy. Next goal is to be under 30 minutes. This is more than doable right now. Then there is the crazy thought that I could possibly run a time under 25:00 minutes. That would be taking 10 full minutes off of last year.

I am training to do this, but to be honest I do not see this happening this year. It might be asking too much too soon. Granted I like having a goal that I believe is out of reach.

OK, more another day.

Running … Part 3 of ∞

on Monday, April 19, 2010 at 6:46pm

The Chlorine Detox is proving that it was an issue. I feel lazy not swimming in the morning so I am going to start riding my bike and adding in more Yoga. I used to ride two days and swim 3 till I switched to straight swimming.

I also just solved a shoe issue and fired a doctor. Yes they are related. I now have shiny new size 10 4E (Yes, quad E width) shoes to run in. The guy at the store measured me as a 9 2E … I started laughing and told him his scale was broke. My standard size is a 10.5 2E since a 4E in anything is rare. It was more than worth the drive Saturday to Naperville to go to Road Runner Sports.

It was a very good run today. I am learning how I need to warm up before I run. Today was a perfect example of my learning. I was able to get in my 3 mile run in time and to keep my heart rate in check.

I hope to meet with a couple of trainers for advice on how to correct issues in my stride this week. They work at the school in the fitness center. Free advice ((:

Running … Part 4 of ∞

on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 8:23pm

I took the Max to the pool Sunday. Yesterday was a no running day so I had no clue till today when I tried to run. Not good.

Yeah, I have to figure that out cause I should not have had that much pain in my shins.

I warm up, then I stretch, then I run. Today was not fun. I did manage three 1 mile runs.

It takes time. That is all I can tell you.

Running … Part 5 of ∞

on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 1:55pm

It was a great run for me Saturday. I achieved a realistic goal and after the week I had had with the shins I couldn’t have expected better of myself.

Saturday was a taste of success for me. The kind of day that propels one with new vigor. Patience keeps paying off for me.

I need to get Max running with me. He really liked the 5K. I would love if Sam would come run with me but I think that might be asking too much.

Time to look at my goals for the summer, maybe tweak a thing or two, and think about the fall as well.

Running … Part 6 of ∞

on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 1:45pm

I haven’t written about my running in awhile. Granted I haven’t done that much. In late May I did sprain my left ankle while enjoying a day at the beach and ended up having an MRI a few weeks later. Nothing bad it continues to heal and I have started back running again with the Doctors blessing.

Swimming has taken over my summer. I am planning a long swim for late July early August. My open water swimming is progressing very well. It is funny for someone who grew up barefoot and in a bathing suit every summer that I never did any long distance swims. I guess I was a kid then and what was the point.

I will hopefully be able to nail down the details of my long swim this weekend and even get in a good swim without having to wear a wetsuit.

Now I am off to run … ((:

Running … Part 7 of ∞

on Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 8:55am

Last two weeks I have been running better and making strides. Learning how to handle heat and humidity only makes my running stronger.

I have had no issues with my shins or my ankle. I have my warm up process down and that is helping to make a difference. My weekly PT is helping since I switch off from my back to my legs. Granted this week I will have to switch back, at least for this week.

Running … Part 8 of ∞

on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 4:54pm
Running in the heat is zapping me of energy. I could use a nap most days. I am trying to get my sleep cycle back but have not yet been able to.

Last training swim is tomorrow morning. (:

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Running … Part 9 of ∞

I know the title says “running” and I truly am talking about “running”; you must realize that for me it is circular to everything.
So last Friday I set out to swim a half-marathon.  I knew full well that it was going to be accomplished only with a bit of luck.  No such luck was afforded to me.  My first 3 miles where slow but I pushed on.  Swells coming almost straight down my swim lane at Ohio Street beach meant the leg out felt like I was swimming uphill.  During the first mile I had 2 coughing fits and 2 bouts of hiccups.  The swells by the end of mile three had seemed to lessen just a bit.
Sometime during mile 5 I realized my stomach wasn’t right.  So I decided to feed at the end of mile 5 instead of 6.  As I sat eating a Nutella and strawberry jam sandwich I realized I was dizzy and nauseous. My mile pace for 4 and 5 where much much slower than the first 3, but I was still within my time frame.  I had no idea why at the time why I was not feeling well and decided to call off the swim to reload for the following Friday.  Today is that day.
A week ago when I arrived home already knowing it was an allergy attack that cut my swim short I had already picked up some Benadryl.  Listening to the news I learned the mold counts had sky rocketed and nothing else was on the charts.  My sinuses are still not back to normal 7 days later.  An ENT will be in order.
Now I sit disappointed just a touch.  I now wait for next year to plan this all again.
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