Running … Part 10 of ∞

Sometimes you find yourself in the perfect storm.  For me this morning is the trifecta of pain.  As an optimist I am always putting out that positive front for myself and share it with others; it is infectious.  So I do not often talk about the lows.  I am like everyone else.  I do not get to escape those moments.

The storm was brewing all week.  My SI joints playing goofy and annoying me to no end.  Yet, I ran well, very well considering. Yesterday brought no relief and this morning the storm is going strong.

My “Trifecta of Pain” is three separate back issues.  one that has not flared in a couple of years.  First my SI Joint is in rare form making walking and standing and sitting and moving no fun.  This injury has been around for two years now and it just might be time the Doctor gets some good film on it.  Talk is not cheap and they need to take this more seriously than they have.

Next is the two bulging discs in my neck.  It was June 2006 when I woke up one morning to this injury.  They remind me that I need good posture and remind me that I must swim more as swimming is the great neutralizer for my neck pain.  To me this isn’t a worry because I know how to manage it.

So to complete my “Trifecta of Pain” is the spot just above the center of my spin.  The one Doctors refused to acknowledge after a car accident in 1997.  One that hasn’t flared in 3 years.  Yes, it took all of those 10 years to recover from that accident.

So today I rest a lot flat on my back, hot baths, and Yoga.  Pain can be most humbling.  It won’t be game ending.  It is that reminder of where I came from, how hard I have worked, and all I have achieved.  Pain reminds me that I can’t change the world overnight, it takes time and little nibbles go a long way.

New Years Eve 1999 @ Montparnasse

New Years Eve 1999 @ Montparnasse


About 42Mac

As I said, I will fill in the blanks later ... ((: and here I am filling in the blanks today. I am a generalist at times, big picture guy, and at times crazy detail person. In my life I have had many great experiences. I believe everything is a great example. Sometimes a great example of what not to do. I have made mistakes, I have been knocked down, and I have failed; great examples. I was in my youth diagnosed as a Dyslexic ((: yes, my smilies are an inside joke, and a solution I developed to a communications issue I discovered. I served long ago in the U.S. Navy (Thin/Thick/Thick/Thin) attention to detail. More later ...
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