Running … Part 11 of ∞

It has been some time since I scribbled here.  Last I did it was late August and I was having a rough day; haven’t had one like it since.

I am making strides … my progress is good and in my opinion ahead of schedule.  I consider now moving my running to early mornings before work.  I do love to run @ work on my break, but I don’t get the opportunity to take a two hour break all that often, and 5K runs are becoming insufficient for training.

Winter is coming and this last week I was forced one day to run on a treadmill.  I didn’t like the experience very much and I dread those days this winter when I will be forced to run on one or not run at all.

I am back in the pool swimming again.  Working on form and breathing.  No breast stroke, only Free-Style.

I know I never talk about riding (Fish Running) so I thought I would for just a little bit.  I don’t get enough time to ride out on the roads right now and riding has always been my anchor.  I do warm-up rides on my fan rider and on the machines @ work almost daily but it just really isn’t the same.  I did find an enclosed 2.5 mile loop course I want to go explore. I could ride there from here. ((:


About 42Mac

As I said, I will fill in the blanks later ... ((: and here I am filling in the blanks today. I am a generalist at times, big picture guy, and at times crazy detail person. In my life I have had many great experiences. I believe everything is a great example. Sometimes a great example of what not to do. I have made mistakes, I have been knocked down, and I have failed; great examples. I was in my youth diagnosed as a Dyslexic ((: yes, my smilies are an inside joke, and a solution I developed to a communications issue I discovered. I served long ago in the U.S. Navy (Thin/Thick/Thick/Thin) attention to detail. More later ...
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