Running … Part 12 of ∞

So a couple of weeks ago I finally firmed up my goals for 2011. First there is the unfinished business of my half marathon swim from this past summer (swim 13.1). Next I want to go for a century bike ride (ride 100). Followed by random time distance goals for the year 24 min 5K, a  42 min 10K, and  swim 2.4 miles sub 1 hour.  After which two triathlons one sprint and one Olympic distance (Naperville and Chicago). To finish out 2011 I want to complete the Chicago Marathon (run 26.2).

So, if all this is going well, then in 2012 I am hoping to do a full Ironman which I would have to start planning in 2011 so I guess that is another goal for next year.


About 42Mac

As I said, I will fill in the blanks later ... ((: and here I am filling in the blanks today. I am a generalist at times, big picture guy, and at times crazy detail person. In my life I have had many great experiences. I believe everything is a great example. Sometimes a great example of what not to do. I have made mistakes, I have been knocked down, and I have failed; great examples. I was in my youth diagnosed as a Dyslexic ((: yes, my smilies are an inside joke, and a solution I developed to a communications issue I discovered. I served long ago in the U.S. Navy (Thin/Thick/Thick/Thin) attention to detail. More later ...
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