Running … Part 14 of ∞

Took me a few days to finish and post on Facebook and now just adding it here for the rest of the world.

“Prior to last year it had been 19 years since I ran.  I had basically retired from being athletic for a good part of that time too.

Back then I could run and was quite able; I just really hated it. A monotonous boring annoying task … Hate hate hate hate hate. Even 6 years ago when I started back working-out to get off of Cholesterol medication … I didn’t want to run because of that long standing hate.

I always felt like a fish running and somewhat still do but …

My decision to take up something I felt so strongly against was a simple one. I wanted to conquer my hate.  Thin line shit aside I wanted to love it.  So like a date on a calendar I started learning to run again last Mach.

A couple of weeks after my first race on May 1st I sprained my ankle and had to wait till July to start all over again.

It was in the early afternoon heat of July 2010 I realized I liked it way too much to be so bad at running.  It was those cool fall days of 2010 that made me realize I was addicted and that I was in love with running and getting better at it every day. I ended the year on a bit of a hip injury and a slow 10 mile New Year’s Eve run in a thunderstorm.  That said I went from unable to run 1 mile to running 10 well inside of a year.

It is a contact high (LOL) that has very few equals.

This year for me is about marking dates on calendars with goals and then running them over as if it was a regular Tuesday.  They are not all running goals.  I still have a 100 mile bike ride to do, a 13.1 mile swim I failed at last summer (long swim last summer 7.5 miles), and an Olympic Distance Triathlon (Chicago).  Everyone of which I consider easier by far than running a Marathon; my last goal of the year.

My Calendar was marked Marathon on October 9th.  The same day as the Chicago Marathon.  I missed registering for the Chicago Marathon because I had to wait to have the money.  The charity options are not a tenable situation for me financially.

Soon enough those who are not going to run for what ever reason and have a slot are going to start selling them on places like Craig’s List and such and upwards of 1000+ people will be forced to run under the name of someone else. I have this option, but I don’t want to be forever looking up someone else’s name to see my time and place.

My Calendar was not marked Chicago Marathon as it was the idea of running a marathon in-specific to the place but another date and goal on my calendar to run over.

These goals I look to achieve this year are all about my goal of 140.6 miles of Swim, Bike, & Run in 2012. Proving to myself I have the ability to train for these goals individually then I am ready for next year.

As much as I love running, running is very harsh on me, and I am not to be mistaken as a natural.  It exposes my flaws quickly and reminds me that I retired once a long time ago.  Waking up at 5 am to put ice packs on your hips. This is not glamorous. This is ugly, this is a fish running even as I get faster I am still just learning.  I am still meeting goals by brut force and sheer will.

Maniacal I am, I know when to back off and when I can push it and their is always a couple of good kicks left in me at the finish.

I wrote the other day on 42Mac (Twitter): “Flexibility means taking a rest day when the body screams at you “Hey, take a break old man”. I flipped him off & had fries for lunch. ((:” “


About 42Mac

As I said, I will fill in the blanks later ... ((: and here I am filling in the blanks today. I am a generalist at times, big picture guy, and at times crazy detail person. In my life I have had many great experiences. I believe everything is a great example. Sometimes a great example of what not to do. I have made mistakes, I have been knocked down, and I have failed; great examples. I was in my youth diagnosed as a Dyslexic ((: yes, my smilies are an inside joke, and a solution I developed to a communications issue I discovered. I served long ago in the U.S. Navy (Thin/Thick/Thick/Thin) attention to detail. More later ...
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